5 iHerb Discount Code for Existing Customers

The Top 5 iHerb Discount Codes for ExistingCustomers You Should Know About + New Customer Coupon Discounts.

You have probably heard about iHerb and have taken advantage of the discounts they offer for new customers. Now you want to receive discounts for an existing customer.

The good news is iHerb is known for offering discounts nearly every week for both existing and new customers.

Existing customers who have been with iHerb for a long time usually know how to use coupons and find promotions, but newer customers may have a difficult time.

Don’t worry though because we’ve put together a list of the top discounts. With that said, continue to read on to learn about tips and tricks that can help you save money the next time you shop at iHerb.

1. Save 5% Off An Order, Anytime

This promotion can be used by all customers, including those customers who have already ordered something in the past. 

This promotion lets you save a bit of money on order, any order for that matter. All you have to do is grab the coupon code and then it will be applied to your order.

When you’re ready to checkout, type in KOV618 if you don’t see your discount. This will apply the discount. Every single time you place an order, you should use this discount.

2. Save $5 Off The First Order

If you’re brand new to the site and have never ordered anything, then this is the discount for you. You can use this discount on top of the previously discussed discount, but there are a few restrictions. 

For starters, the minimum amount you have to spend is $40. You can click on one of the buttons above if you’re interested in getting this discount.

Alternatively, you can type in KOV618 at the checkout, and this should apply the code, and then you want to use the code WELCOME5. 

Then you hit apply, and this will apply the other code. If you want to save a bit more money, then definitely use the two codes.

3. Free Shipping

You can get free shipping, but if you want to qualify for free, then you have to meet the guidelines. For example, your order must be over $40, and this doesn’t include fees such as import fees tariffs. 

Exclusions such as volume and weight do apply too. In most cases, you won’t know how much shipping is until you have gotten to the checkout part. Before you check out, make sure your shopping cart is filled. 

Sometimes removing certain products or adding or removing quantities will lower the cost of shipping.

If you want to save money, then click on the Shipping Saver box. The items here are cheaper to ship than other products. Plus, these products are the ones that will likely qualify for no-cost shipping. Use the iHerb coupon for existing customers fo 60% Off on Clearance.

4. Receive 5% Credit Back On Every Order

Every order you place, you can earn 5% loyalty credit. Loyalty credit is the equivalent of 5% of your order’s value after credits and discounts have been applied. Bear in mind that shipping charges are excluded.

The credit is applied to your next order. Also, your credits are good for 90 days from the last time you purchased something. Make sure to use your credits before they expire.

The loyalty credit is the iHerb coupon code existing customers.

5. Save Between 5% And 10% Extra

There are volume discounts, which means the more you buy, the more you’ll save. If you order a product in large quantities, meaning four or more than you’ll receive a bit discount. 

If you run a store or you’re a reseller, then this discount is for you. Best of all, no coupon is needed. Generally speaking, if you order four or more quantities of items, then you’ll receive five percent off. 

If the quantities are 12 or more than you can get 10% extra off. This offer is probably the best offer around for those who tend to order bulk or for those who order products on a regular basis. The trial could be used by iHerb coupons for returning customers.