iHerb Melatonin ships to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, UK

What is iHerb?

iHerb is a website dedicated to selling natural products. They have been in the industry for over 20 years and have grown with their customer base increasing internationally.

They have got over 30,000 products which are all natural. They offer services and merchandise at 50-60% less. They are in collaboration with major brands such as 21st Century, Optimum Nutrition, Throne Research, and any other big brands.

They have got other interesting offers such as discounted shipping rates with every $20 or over and above spent. There are also other ways to save more, like the shopping at least after 60 days to get the 5% loyalty credit.

What is Melatonin used for?

Melatonin produced by the Pineal gland, this is a hormone that is associated with the sleep and wake patterns and timings in humans. The hormone is also present in animals and plants.

Melatonin as a supplement is used to cure insomnia, or to alleviate the distress of those who have insomnia.

iHerb Melatonin Australia

In adults, it is used for the treatment of the rapid eye movement sleep behavioral disorder, which is a condition related to Parkinson’s Disease while in children, it helps those with neurodevelopmental disorders instigate the onset of sleep or increase the sleep duration.

How to buy melatonin if you live in Australia?

There are ways to buy Melatonin is in Australia. These methods include getting the supplement over the counter or purchasing it online. Purchasing the supplement at the local chemist or other local shops may be a bit expensive and a weary process.

This is because the Therapeutic Goods Association has restricted the supplement by categorizing it as so. One must be prescribed by the doctor to get the supplement over the counter.

The solution to getting the product at an affordable price and a seemingly easier way is through the internet. It has been allowed in Australia to import any therapeutic merchandise.

Thus, the best, easiest and safest way is through the all-natural product website iHerb. Since online purchase is allowed, iHerb Melatonin is the solution to those experiencing sleep disorders in Australia.

How to buy melatonin if you live in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a bit different from Australia. Getting the drug is possible and easy through both means. Whether over the counter or online, the drug is available by both means.

No restriction in Hong Kong to getting the supplement. But since drugs such as Ambien the name used for the drug in America, is known as Zolpidem in Hong Kong, it is therefore recommended visiting a legit and renown site such as iHerb.com.

iHerb Melatonin Hong Kong

iHerb is the solution to such complications and the way of avoiding confusion. To get melatonin is Hong Kong, it will be under the name iHerb Melatonin, via the iHerb website, making it easily recognizable and easier to purchase.

How to buy melatonin if you live in New Zealand?

Similar to Australia, the number of ways of getting melatonin are two, either over the counter or through online means. Since getting the supplement in New Zealand requires the prescription by a doctor, suggestion using online means as an alternative is the best way.

It is easier and without much restrictions. To note, one can also opt going for other natural sources of Melatonin in foods in New Zealand.

Other than that, the accurate and most simplified way to get over insomnia and any related sleep disorders is by ordering a package of the Melatonin supplement from the greatest online retailer and source, under the name iHerb Melatonin.

How to buy melatonin if you live in the United Kingdom?

Like Australia and New Zealand, acquisition of the supplement in the United Kingdom is through a doctor’s prescription. This is not all bad as still; one can get the supplement.

Having an order on can get the drug over the counter, but with or with no prescription, one can get the supplement freely through online means. This is where iHerb comes in.

iHerb Melatonin

It is an online source for all-natural products, and melatonin can be found under iHerb Melatonin, freely and imported back to your country to help with any disorderly sleep conditions.


In some countries, there are restrictions when buying melatonin. The need for a doctor’s prescription or the country regulatory boards and standards.

This in some cases may end up rendering some helpless under the distress of insomnia or sleep behavioral disorders.

Not to worry as iHerb has got a solution that is easy to execute and free, that is with no restrictions to purchase and use in any country. Get iHerb Melatonin and get on your way to better and improved sleep patterns.